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Natural Luxury

Nature re-imagined,  Luxury re-defined 
Discover Elysian:
Where Opulence and Nature Intertwine

At the heart of Elysian, we harmonize the untouched wonders of the natural world with the sumptuous touch of luxury. Our philosophy is simple: extract the purest essences from the earth and meld them with the heights of human craftsmanship. Each Elysian product is an alchemy of select natural ingredients, transformed into luxurious formulations that pamper your skin and indulge your senses.

The Elysian Promise

At Elysian, we believe in the power of natural purity. Our products are meticulously crafted and natural, embodying the purity and efficacy women have been yearning for. We are committed to using only the cleanest, honest ingredients and ensuring that our formulations are paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, and fragrance-free.





Commitment to Clean Ingredients

Our Story: The Elysian Genesis

At the heart of Elysian lies a convergence of nature's healing touch and the frontier of cosmetic innovation. Our journey began with a deep-seated love for the raw, earthy potency of natural elixirs and an equal passion for the transformative power of modern science. From the lush embrace of essential oils and the ancient wisdom of healing herbs to the revolutionary benefits of hyaluronic acid, bakuchiol, and ceramides, our quest was to meld these realms into a tapestry of ultra-luxury skincare. Elysian is the realization of this dream—a sanctuary where the purity of nature and the brilliance of scientific achievement create a skincare experience of unrivaled luxury.

Welcome to the Epitome of Indulgence.

Welcome to Elysian.


Meet the visionary behind ELYSIAN 

Welcome, I'm Sunyata, the visionary behind ELYSIAN. My odyssey through life is rich with the pursuit of knowledge, a relentless quest for innovation, and an unwavering dedication to impact the world meaningfully. My academic journey led me to earn a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology, where I delved into the mysteries of science, always with the aspiration to extend the boundaries of understanding and application.


This passion for knowledge and service guided me to Teach for America, allowing me to light the spark of curiosity in the hearts of students from underserved communities in New York. As a professor today, I advocate for a world where education is a right, not a privilege, fostering environments that cultivate holistic growth and equitable opportunities for all.


Amid my journey through science and education, I discovered a profound connection with the artistry found in nature's beauty. This appreciation for life's simple luxuries, combined with my trust in nature's restorative essence, inspired me to envision a harmonious blend of both worlds. I aspired to create products that align with scientific principles while embracing the wholesome luxury that nature offers.


ELYSIAN is the manifestation of this dream. It is where my analytical mind and my affection for luxury converge, creating a haven of products that are as indulgent as they are efficacious. ELYSIAN stands as a testament to the luxurious alchemy of science and nature, each product a lovingly crafted symphony of natural elegance and scientific rigor.


Welcome to ELYSIAN, where luxury isn't just experienced—it's felt in every texture, every scent, and every touch, meticulously designed to elevate your daily rituals into moments of unparalleled bliss.

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