T H E   S K I N   P R E P   A U T H O R I T Y

Fusing artistic ingenuity with uncompromising quality, Elysian Cosmetics was born out the mission to transcend skin prep into an art.

Imbued with indulgent textures, clinically-active formulations, and category-defining innovations, Elysian is redefining the hallmarks of luxury cosmetics.

Founded in 2017 by New York-based makeup artists David Rodrigues and Michael Putman, the vision has been to launch groundbreaking complexion heroes that elevate the craft of makeup artistry while simultaneously perfecting the skin over time.

Always vegan and cruelty-free, Elysian Cosmetics maintains a unique, rigorous standard in ingredient sourcing. All materials used, regardless of natural or synthetic origin, are skin-compatible and carefully chosen to enhance the formula's efficacy without compromising skin health.

Welcome to our little slice of heaven.

Most cosmetic companies start their product development phase in an office, typically headed by a marketing team that "knows" what customers want. So, they dictate all of their expectations that their new product should meet to a team of formulators.


The problem? Most of these marketing teams don't understand what makes good skincare or what works best for a makeup artist on-the-job. Most often, a product's ability to live up to its long-term claims falls short due to the demand to capture market trends.

Founders David and Michael took their years of in-field experience of listening to what their clients needed and combined it with their extensive skincare and artistry expertise to create a modern personal care range with a focus on launching timeless complexion staples.


Each Elysian innovation is Crafted to Create Confidence, whether that means confidence in your own skin from the undeniable results or confidence in creating a makeup masterpiece over a perfectly prepped canvas.





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